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welcome to 2009, a time capsule from INK Labs,


some art shown on this page was minted, and some art will be viewing only,,,,, to view the rest of the website, click on the rug located at the bottom of the page.

january 4, 2024

introducing poppi...

a bright Teddi with hypnotic effects, poppi hails from generation 'del-x' a futuristic gen so ahead of their time, they are considered keepers to the past. 

view Poppi in AR 

for ultimate reality disruption.

Interested in owning Poppi's physical companion?

its GUMBO, not gumbo.

follow the leader, 

inspired by cult leadership,

this piece stems from a curious 

examination of what it may mean to 

'zag' when others 'zig' 

view digital piece in AR.

-no bg.png

a visit from a talking watch

existential thoughts served as a driving force behind this quick doodle;


as someone who is constantly feeling a 

pull to create as if their time is running 

out, these thoughts often manifest

themselves through doodles with

clocks & comical warnings.

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